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Larry King is old news at 11

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So, I’ve been seeing this a lot lately and I feel the need to write a stand alone post about it. There’s this argument out there that bisexual women have some version of privilege because they’re “sexually available” to men and lesbians don’t have that because they’re not “sexually available” to men. I keep seeing this over and over again about bi women being “available to men,” those are the words used, and I just really need to talk about how really horrible that is. 

So a disclaimer before I begin - yes, bi women get treated differently by straight guys than lesbians do, I’m not going to argue any different, it’s a thing, it happens.

So the thing is… You know how really actually truly believes that women, any women, are “sexually available” to men? Rapists do. Rapists believe that all women either are or should be sexually available to them and that’s a big part of why they rape, abuse, sexually assault, and harass women. This is a fact and it’s a serious rape culture issue. And you know who’s not “sexually available” to men? FUCKING EVERYONE!!!  NOBODY is available to anyone! People might choose to have sex with individual people and that’s their choice but NOBODY is just available to anybody for any reason.

Straight women are not “available” to men either (despite what rapists and abusers would like to think). Some straight women may choose to have sex with some men some times but they’re damn sure not just “available” to anyone (not even their intimate partners who might feel that the relationship means an availability exists which it doesn’t). When you claim that bi women are “available” to men you’re stripping them of their agency, you’re saying that everything is all about what the men want and think and that’s rape culture.

And yeah, some men do think that kind of shit, that’s totally a thing, but those men are fucking rapists and abusers and them thinking that is totally 100% on them. It’s not something bi women create via their sexuality anymore than women who get raped by their husbands have created those men thinking they’re available via their agreeing to marry them. It’s something rape culture has created by virtue of commodifying and objectifying women and their sexuality and telling men that women are or should be their property. So yeah, it exists but it’s damn sure not a privilege! It’s a rape culture issue, it’s a method of oppression, it’s something women, all women, SUFFER not something that benefits us!

A lesbian being perceived as a “challenge” by abusive men is the obverse of women who aren’t lesbians being perceived as “available” by abusive men. These are different sides of the same coin, it’s all about control and conquest and objectification. It’s all oppression. It’s all terrible. None of it’s privilege. And ALL of it is created by those men, it’s their responsibility, it’s in no way the fault of any of the women who deal with it.

~ Rage

Help! My brain requires fandom related stimulation!


So since I’m so new to the fandom i’ve spent the past 2ish weeks binge reading fic on I set the filter function on ‘highest number of favorites’ and ‘most reviews’ to get at the quality stuff quickest. I think i’ve pretty much found the best has to offer but i’m still hungry for more. I saw on a past post from someone here that there’s a lot on the livejournal archive that isn’t on and i glanced at it but it’s just a long list of titles with no descriptions which would be a LOT to have to weed through. So i’m turning to you all for recommendations. 

I’m looking specifically for canon-compliant, well though out, everyone in character stories, length doesn’t matter, nothing centered on sex, no AUs. To get a better sense of my tastes these are my absolute favorites out of what i’ve read so far, in no particular order.

Cold Fusion series by Dal-Niente (This is my absolute favorite and is ultimately what pulled me into the fandom. All i can say about this series is ‘Head-canon accepted’)

Rain on the just by N.L. Rummi (Good enough to BE the movie’s sequel.)

Naughty or NIce by Sevandor1 

Fathers and Sons by Dani Kin (bawled, but from what i’ve heard everyone did)

Times Syx by SpsKM

Stepping Out by ladyspock7 (i will die if this gets abandoned.)

Life is What Happens by Lady Stormcrow

On The Couch by Jentle55

So, any recs? Every author i listed i’ve already read their other fics, including Dal-Niente’s livejournal ones so you don’t need to rec any of their other stuff.

Thanks all!

Yesssss your tears please me :)

Most of the stuff that I remember being on LJ and not anywhere else was porn.  This was like before the days of AO3 so if are looking for that, join the group and surf the NC-17 tag.   There is also the kinkmeme.  Someone can, ahem, direct you to that if you like ;-)

If you like AUs CGAussie had some of the best.  I also loved the El Mentedor series by murasakiyugata.  She also wrote a genderqueer Megamind porn for one of my kinkmeme prompts called Anemone that is only on the LJ I believe.  

You also may want to investigate works by colonial_bastard, who is now better known on tumblr for her amazing Tony and Loki cosplays but who was writing all sorts of interesting things from character studies to hardcore smut for us before all that ;-)

I’d also check out sharelle’s rec list.  She hasn’t updated in a while, but in some ways that makes her list sorta the best of the golden age of the LJ.  

Have fun!!  Welcome to the family!!


say what you will about fangirls but when someone says ‘fangirling’ i think of excitement and unbridled glee and undignified noises of delight but when someone says ‘fanboying’ i think of impotent rage and insecurity and disproportionate aggression

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Minion shopping for his first wig. 

And Megamind is just standing there bored out of his big blue mind holding piles of shopping bags. “Min-ion, just pick one.”

Frantically, the fish turned this way and that in his tank.

"But I can’t just pick one! it has to be the right one!”

Groaning, the genius lifted his hand wrist, shopping bags and all, to read his watch, “You have five Ear-th minutes.”

Squealing, Minion picked up a curly black wig. 

"Sir, does this one make my face look big?"

Rolling his green eyes, Megamind groaned, “It looks fine!”

"Hmph!" his henchman pouted with a fold of mechanical gorilla arms. A loud sniff could be heard. "You know what? Just go wait in the invisible car! I’ll be f-fine…"

The villain instantly dropped his attitude as well as the bags of stolen goods. “Hey, hey, hey, come on, Min-ion, I’m just kidding around.” turning to face the shop owner who stared at the two in terror he growled, “I’m just kidding, right?”

Instantly, the woman let out a very forced hollow laugh, “HA HA HA HA Y-YES HE’S JUST KIDDING OOOOHHHH WHAT A KIDDER!”

Chuckling, the alien turned back with a thumb jerked in her direction, “There, you see? All for a laugh.”

The little fish turned in his globe and looked down at the other, a bti sheepishly. “You don’t mean that.” 

"Yes I do!" The villain looked up earnestly, "You’re my best friend, Min-ion. And I’m going to help you through this trying time in your life!"

Tawny eyes fluttered a little with another sniff. “I just want to be myself…”

"Minion." His skinny friend placed his blue hands on each side of his tank. "You’re the best fish in the whole entire universe and I couldn’t be more prouder of you than finally coming to terms with yourself. I care about you and I want you to be happy, ok?"

A the corner of the Piranha’s mouth pulled up a fraction of a bit. “Even if I’m wearing a dress?”

The genius nodded firmly, “Especially when you are wearing a dress.”

"And those red Italian pumps?" the fish squealed.

"The sparkly ones? Oh yeah, totally."

"You make me feel so safe, Sir." Minion pulled the other into a tight hug where Megamind chuckled, patting him on the radio transmitter "Thinga-ma-bob" on his back. 

"Yeah, well, we got each other’s back in a fight, right?"

Another deep sniff followed by a wobbly, “R-right.”

Smiling, Megamind opened his eyes and blinked at the sight behind him. “Oh!” 

Pushing away from his best buddy, the genius hurried around the bulky body suit to a stand behind him. “Oh, Min-ion, look! Try this one on!”

Minion turned and cocked his head at the sight, “Curly blond? Really? I Miss Ritchi suggested a wavy brunette…”

Megamind pulled it off and helped it on his best friend. “Yes and Metro Mahn that garish red one, ugh.”

"He has a point sir."

"Oh what would Mister Perfect Hair Forever know about wig styles?! Wow…" Standing back he admired his best friend in the curly bob.

"What?" Minion asked curiously.

"You look fantastic!" Pointed at a little room of mirrors behind them, the genius shoved him forward. "Go on, look! Look!"

Chuckling at his friends’ excitement, the fish relented and found his three sided reflection. He gasped at the sight and raised his hands to primp and fluff the sides. 

"Sir, it’s… it’s…"

His friend nodded behind him vigorously, “Eh, eh? Not bad eh?”

"Oh sir! It’s perfect!" Minion smiled happily. "I can’t wait to show Miss Ritchi!"

"Uh-um, are-are you gah-gonna b-buy that?" The nervous keeper asked timidly from behind the counter.

The two looked at one another before bursting into laughter. 

"Ohhhh that’s rich! She’s thinks we’re normal law abiding citizens! How cute!"

"Haha!" then whipping out his DE-Gun, (which was currently on the DE-eep Freeze setting) the genius sneered at the lady. "Just think of us like the cops, Mrs. Ma’am, and FREEZE!”

In a riot of laughter, the two charged out of the frost bitten shop carrying bags of stolen goods on their way back to where the Invisible Car sat parked half on top of a fallen statue of Metro Man. 

And that’s the story of Minion’s Space Step Mom wig.

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Ahhh shit I forgot to pick up my meds today!  Crapnapple.  

It’s no big deal, I take them in the morning, so I can just do it when I get up.  But yeah like all day I kept having this feeling like I was forgetting something……

Hey so remember the time I lost the original of niente-dal's tattoo design in my house after Dash Con?

Because I put it somewhere special

Somewhere I wouldn’t loose it

Then had NO idea where it was?

Yeah it’s been on my fridge this whole time 



The difference between calling lesbians monosexuals and calling bisexuals bi-hets is empowerment versus invalidation. The term “monosexual” comes as a consequence of polysexual people trying to fight things like bi-erasure and looking to validate the unique oppression we face in a society that largely regards polysexuality as a joke or confusion. Calling a bisexual a bi-het contributes to that oppressive image of bisexuality and erases our identity. 

I’m not saying that lesbians are as privileged as straight people because that would be blatantly ignorant. I am saying, though, that there are different axes of privilege and this is one area in which bisexuals receive a lot of bullshit. 

Lesbians refusing to accept their status and privileges as monosexuals is the same as cis people whining when trans people call them cis, claiming cisgender is a slur, and accusing trans people of labeling them without their consent.  Or when white people whine that they don’t think of themselves as white, they’re just HUMAN and labeling them white is offensive because they are nothing like white pride people.  *facepalm*

I don’t need ‘solidarity’ with any of those kinds of people kaythanks.  





men took my little pony away from us girls so us teen girls are takin pro wrestling fuck yall just try n stop us


have fun fetishizing the shit out of *real life* celebrities. it actually makes the people who sexualize the shit out of children’s cartoons seem normal.

did you just imply being attracted to actual real human males isn’t normal but wanting to fuck cartoon horses is

I need to reblog this again because it still makes me laugh

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cypeo asked:
hey there, I just saw your megamind post, and I loved it. I never noticed that Roxanne carried the story along. That's really cool, I'll have to go watch it again (for the 300th time haha) But I'm curious as to why you think Megamind is bi? It sounds like a great concept, and I could honestly believe it, but where do you draw your reasoning?


cypeo Thank you! :D I have a few theories and I feel like I already posted them, but I doubt I can find the post now. XD;

And I’m bisexual. Idk, it’s kind of like when someone has a gay-dar of sorts. There are some people I look at and my brain goes “hella bi. hella.”. Megamind fits that feeling for me very well.

He clearly has a HUGE fanboy obsession with Metro Man and spends the majority of his life obsessing over “defeating” him. It’s doubtful he actually had real intents to kill him. (“I meant to destroy you, but I didn’t think it would actually work.”) He’s in his mid-to-late 30s, maybe early 40s, so he’s been obsessing for a seriously long time. Roxanne is clearly in his interests as well, but at least in the beginning of the movie, she’s more of a tool for him to get Metro Man to come to him. He also reacts very similar to them both, in certain ways that my brain screams “oh, just do them both already!”

And I had many other theories but I lost them by now. I’m groggy and have to work tonight, sorry! dani-kin, help me out? Maybe?

Also that line where Minion is like “How about we kidnap Roxanne Ritchie!” and Megamind is like “Without him what’s the point?”  It proves that owning Roxanne was never the point.  That impressing Metro Man was.  I can’t help but read that as hella queer.  Coupled with the clear feelings he develops for Roxanne over the film and you have bi! 

Also there is the way he dresses.  He wears leather pants.  Leather has a looooong history in queer men’s communities.  He wears makeup.  I dunno I just like to think of him as an independent and boundary smudging alien who does what he wants regardless of the human gender roles or sexual orientation norms.  :D

me: (opens the difemina tag for the first time)
me: sees biphobic historical revisionism to deny bisexual people our own words like butch, dyke, and femme
me: sees wanting to ban bisexuals from using words they created to describe their own experiences like sapphobia and monosexism
me: sees accusations that bisexuals bring abuse on themselves by being 'sexually available to men'
me: sees a denial of rates of bisexual abuse
me: sees all this biphobia presented as things bisexuals need to fess up to instead of being examples of gross biphobia in a supposedly shared space
me: (closes tag)


one thing all LGBT folks gotta recognize is that assimilationist gay politics (“i’m just like you!” rhetoric) is wildly successful but can and will only ever extend to cis white LG folks. these people that it extends to are much more acceptable in the eyes of the public and gives power to all cis white LG folks, whether or not they agree with that kind of queer politics. this creates the unequal power dynamics between queer monosexuals and multisexuals (monosexism) in which there is a preference for cis lesbians and gays over folks under the bi umbrella.

a lot of LG folks (especially in the lesbian community) work to dismantle the idea that LGBTQ people have to be “just like” straight people to be acceptable, but it’s worth noting that monosexism creates a preferred group in LG people, especially white cis gay men.




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