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Name: Let’s just stick with Dani, kay
Nickname: none really
Birthday: Early Feb
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5’4”

Time zone: CST
What time & date it is there: Aug 21st at 10:46pm
What time & date it would be in Antarctica: 3:46pm on Aug 22nd

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6-9
RL OTP: I’m gonna agree with books4belle and say niente-dal and immortalwitness
Other OTPs: Megamnd/Roxanne, Rumbelle, Cecil/Carlos
The last thing I Google’d was: the order of the Alice in the Country of whatever series for a patron
My most used phrase/s: I have a theory (it could be bunnies), sweet muscular jesus, what a crazy random happenstance, the words wacky and zany, I can’t even, noping the hell out that, I shouldn’t say words, listen friends or hold up there friends or truth friends, these are the food/songs/somethings of my people, crapnapple, rocks and trees and trees and rocks, shooo, look at your life; look at your choices, what what what are you doing, BEARS!, blah blah blah something about killer whales, WHALES!, BEARS!, BEARS AND WHALES!, WHALBEARS!, BEARWHALES!
First word that comes to mind:  toes

What I last said to a family member:  "You’re missing baby Appa!"
One place that makes me happy and why: The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
How many blankets I sleep under: One sheet, one fuzzy blanket, one comforter that I usually kick off
Favourite beverage: Trader Joe’s Dixie peach juice and Moscato wine
The last movie I watched in the cinemas was: Guardians of the Galaxy (!!!!!)

Three things I can’t live without:  books, cooking for my friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Something I plan on learning: I have no idea what I’ll learn in the future.  Things?  Stuff?  Amazing things and really strange stuff?  Stay tuned to find out!
A piece of advice for all my followers: Never mistake kindness for weakness.

You all have to listen to this song:  The video is trippy as shit but No Light No Light by Florence + The Machine is one of my favs

My blog/s: dani-kin for my main, dark-blue-mondays to RP, bisexual-books for advocacy, teen-stuff-at-the-library for work though its kinda dead now, and speaking of dead there is thehumbleminion which I rarely RP. 

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Bastille - Bad News

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Lindsey Stirling takes an unsuspecting crowd on a spontaneous steampunk pirate adventure in her new video,”Master of Tides.” 
Watch this epic live performance powered by 25 wireless speakers and captured by 15 hidden cameras.






do you remember when Weezer made a music video that was basically a compilation of memes and viral videos that, in retrospect, have aged like milk

okay but take a moment to imagine what this music video looks like to the younger generation who didn’t experience any of these memes

like what a bizarre compilation of non-sequiturs

but to those of us who DID grow up with the memes, this will always be fucking amazing.

I liked that a lot actually.  It’s like a celebration of being weird and not caring if you become a meme because people like laughing at you, because you’re being you.

I can’t believe that I’ve reached a point in my life where I can watch this and feel actual nostalgia for memes that were popular when I was in college. What a world.

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Radioactive In The Dark

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Scissor Sisters - I Can’t Decide

God I still love this album

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here’s a song i wrote about being in love with your best friend (no homo)

i didn’t know how badly i needed this in my life until i heard it

No but listen to this it’s lovely

“That I’d never ever make out with, except for that one time”


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look at this its the lesbian version of bonnie and clyde 

You had me at “lesbian version of Bonnie & Clyde.”

This video is lovely.  

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Not only did I Laugh Out Loud, there was sustained Laughing Out Loud.

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Hey guys! I just finished editing and uploading this song I wrote and recorded. If you wanna check it out, maybe give some feedback, that would be too legit to quit :D

Listen/purchase: IF I CAN CHANGE by One For the Road

Dumb little things.

Tonight is the first time since my ex left that I’ve been able to listen to a playlist that I made in Pandora called “Sweet and Romantic”.   It wasn’t really for her, it was actually something I made for when I was writing mushy fanfic and needed help getting in that headspace.   But one of the things about my divorce was that I stopped being able to listen to romantic songs.

Because a romantic song would send me into a depressive mood swing from HELL.   It would make me think of her and then I would get angry at her for lying to me.  If I was lucky that was it.  If it was a bad day, it would cause me to replay all the times she called me worthless in my head.  If it was a really bad day, I would remember all the emotional mindfuckery, gaslighting, and be left with this hollow feeling like I don’t know how to trust people anymore.   If it was a REALLY REALLY bad day it would make me think about the time she held me down and sexually assaulted me.   If it was a horrifying day, there might be flashbacks.  

So basically for the last 18 months I haven’t listened to sappy or romantic music.  I’ve worn out my Killers CDs and my Big Gay Erasure playlist on Pandora.   I’ve listened to more Top 40 than any other time in my life. 

Tonight is the first night I’ve been able to listen to that station.   Small things.   Such small things.   

Jason Derulo - “Talk Dirty”

On Monday my 12 and 13 year olds at the library were singing this song.

You do not know horrifying like a 12 year old girl looking right at you as she sings about the “first class seat on my lap girl” and rubs her crotch.  


Because this is my Harrison headcanon song for his life pre-Wayne and no one call tell me otherwise.  

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"Mephistopheles" - Beethoven’s Last Night

"I’m your God of second chance."

this is just too hardcore man

This rock opera does not get the love it deserves.  I’ve had this CD for 10 plus years and it is awesome and heartbreaking.  

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